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Reminders 2/26

1. You will need to produce 5-10 GOOD photographs related to your blog topic (You will want to take many more and select from those). Your goal is not just to take nice pictures, although that helps. It is to drive engagement on social media.
2. You will need to share these photos on at least one of social sites we talked about in class or another one of your choice, e.g. Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, etc. using proper tags/hashtags. Keep track of and describe the kind of feedback or engagement you got with these photos.
3. Put at least one of the photos on your blog with a caption. If you would like, build a slideshow.
4. In reflecting on the blog on your experiences this week, consider: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the sites you’ve used for your topic area? How can you use photos going forward as semester continues to enhance your blog or website? How do you think professionals in your future desired career – journalism, public relations, advertising, or any other – could utilize these sites productively?
5. In your journal blog, discuss what are you learning from the photo-a-day process so far.
6. As always, do reading reflection on journal blog

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