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Coast Guard Recruiting and Social Media: A Facebook Content Analysis

On Tuesday, April 15 at 1pm Central, MA student Charly Hengen will present the results from her final project that evaluates the effectiveness of Facebook strategies for her job recruiting for the Coast Guard.

 All are welcome to hear her presentation using Adobe Connect software – you can sign in as a guest, just be sure to mute your mic so we don’t get feedback.

Here’s her abstract:

More and more businesses and organizations are using social media channels to market, advertise, and engage with audiences.  Military branches are catching the social media train and creating splashy content to promote their brands.  The Coast Guard is the smallest military branch and uses social media channels, mainly Facebook, to report, promote, and advertise news and its brand.  The recruiting branch uses Facebook as well.  One office in particular, Coast Guard Recruiting Office Hampton Roads, uses Facebook to try to meet its accession mission and standards.  This content analysis determined the recruiting office’s Facebook page’s return on engagement and analyzed a variety of specific techniques for reaching goals.  It ascertained if a specific audience, minorities and females, used the recruiting office’s Facebook page before he or she took the next step to enlist into or submit an officer packet for the Coast Guard.  The results were inconclusive in determining which race used the recruiting office’s Facebook page the most; however, females did engage the most with the Facebook page.  The largest audience engaging with the page was mothers and spouses of Coast Guardsmen.  Also, Facebook fans engaged more with humorous photos and when they were challenged to complete a task.  It does prove beneficial for a Coast Guard recruiting office to utilize a Facebook page as it can drive potential applicants to call an office or come into the office to discuss future career opportunities.

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