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Resources for Video Editing

As noted in class, you are not REQUIRED to do any fancy video editing. It’s up to you. However,  some resources that you can use are below. Also, note what I posted on Facebook about Getty Images.

 Apologies for not formatting these links properly – bad blogging practice! But it’s a busy day. 🙂

Knight Digital Media Center Tutorials

On Shooting:


And editing:


Steve Fox has a number of tutorials (video at bottom)


Journalist’s Toolkit video resources http://www.jtoolkit.com/wp/video-resources/

Brilliant University of Florida journalism professor Mindy McAdams: “Five Shots, 10 seconds” http://www.jou.ufl.edu/faculty/mmcadams/video/five_shot.html

Five essential fair use resources for online video making:


Legal music for videos:


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Reminders from class 3/5

To do for after spring break: 

1.   Create a video, upload it to YouTube and share it via social media. Your video should in some way reflect your topic of focus. We will be competing to see who gets the most views, and there will be an as yet undetermined incentive for that. We’re all friends, but come on, this will be fun. MAX length is three minutes but that’s probably too long; the shorter the better.

2.     Embed the video on your blog in a post. (If you really can’t figure out how to embed it, you can do a link, but I’d suggest asking me to show you how to do it or using Google. It’s a good skill to have)

3.     Personal reflection on your experiences creating and sharing the video should include thoughts on: How can you continue to use video to enhance your blog?  How do you think professionals in your future desired career – journalism, public relations, advertising, or any other could best utilize these sites?

4.     Read for next week and reflect in journal blog.

Optional: Play around with some of the new tools we talked about. Try to make a quality Instagram video.

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