Reminders Class 2/19


Do a Twitter chat and describe your experience on your journal blog YOU CAN TAKE TWO WEEKS TO DO THIS.


Show your blog (essentially a prototype at this point) and explain your topic of focus to at least one potential member of your blog’s community/audience. Ask them for early feedback on your idea. What kinds of content or features would they be looking for in a blog like yours? What kinds of things do they NEED or WANT to know? Do they have any problems or needs within your topic area you could solve for them? For example, perhaps a potential reader of your niche food blog has a specific allergy and could use some information on how to avoid that ingredient, or similar. Write up what you learned from this person. This could be posted on either one of your blogs, depending on what you think is best. Ideally, talk to more than one person about this. NOTE: THIS IS A COMBO OF MINI-CROWDSOURCING/ALSO CUSTOMER DISCOVERY/DESIGN THINKING


Create at least one post on your topic/beat blog. Post can be about anything you would like. Maybe it’s a roundup of relevant links with a summary, maybe you went to a relevant event and you want to write about it. WE DON’T WANT NAKED BLOGS 🙂 If you’ve already done this, bully for you!


As always, you will want to do the readings for next week and post about them on the travel blog.


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