Reminders 2/12

Assignment for next week:

1.   Set up new WordPress blog for your topic of focus/beat. This is SEPARATE from your journal blog. I know, two blogs, crazy! Choose a name for it carefully, and a theme. If you’ve already done this, bully for you. Send me the URL and I’ll create a new blogroll.

2.   Create about page for this topic blog.

3.   Set up blogroll on your topic blog with at least five sites related to your topic. Here’s how to do it.

4.   Sign up for at least one email newsletter and/or an RSS feed reader related to your beat (you might want to sign up for some related to our profession more generally, too). There are many possible feed readers out there – do some research to see which one you think best suits you. For example, here are some possibilities, including Feedly.

5.   Set up Google Alerts for your blog topic

6.   If you are already a blogging whiz, or have a topic blog set up already, are there any new features or widgets you could add? If your blog is pre-existing, be sure you do at least one new thing to spruce it up. Describe what you did in your journal blog

7.   Make a list of at least five ideas for blog content . Ideas don’t have to be refined but should be specific. You can put this on your journal or topic blog.

8. Do readings for next week and post in the journal blog as per usual.

Couple of things to remember:
1. We have a pretty wide variety of skill levels and experience in this class. This means that to some degree you have to take responsibility for challenging yourself. If you are new to WordPress, keep it simple and focus on doing the best you can. Don’t get boogered up – half of doing this successfully is attitude. UNC journalism undergraduates are learning Python: WE CAN DO THIS. If you already know what you are doing, there are still plenty of things you can do to enhance/learn/expand.
2. Journal blog is your space to reflect, measure, evaluate what you are learning/reading. You should be aware that it’s public and people can see it, but at the same time, the primary readership is internal, so you don’t have to focus on perfection. Topic blog is designed as a “hub” for your social media presence focused on drawing an audience around a topic. 
3. The idea here is to do what John was talking about – find your passion, and enjoy this process. 
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