Two reminders

1. Please send me separate, direct links to each separate post you did for each week, if you did more than one. I’m creating a blogroll of all the journal blogs, so it’s not that I can’t find them – it’s just that when I’m trying to track this many students at once, it helps to have direct links so I’m not searching around for people’s stuff.

2. Part of our goal here is to teach you the power of networks – as Shirky describes it when he talks about finding the cell phone. I am more than happy to answer questions, but there is one of me and 16 of you, plus a similar number in my other class. You could try posting some questions on the class Facebook page to see if others had the same issue or could help. Might be quicker. Just a suggestion. I plug away as fast as I can here, but answering 16 individual questions via email takes longer than answering it once on Facebook or even through this blog or the email listserv. 



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