Reminders 1/22

Good class last night. Thanks for your patience last night as we worked through technical issues.
See below for what is due next week.
Also, just in general, don’t forget that participation in this class involves…social media. Big shocker. 🙂 Join the class Facebook group and use it to ask questions, get/give feedback, share relevant links, etc. Link again is: You can also use the hashtag #SocialJ on Twitter
Photo A Day: I will be setting you up as contributors to the Tumblr as soon as I can, using the preferred email address you gave me in class. You should receive a notification from Tumblr asking you to join the blog as a contributor. This will allow you to post your photo each day. Tumblr does have an app you can post from if you would like.  You can get started taking the photos even before I get the blog set up..some of you may also want to make your own personal collection on Flickr or Instagram or another photo site, though that is optional. Use tags #J7330 and #photoaday Remember, this assignment can engage your creativity – do whatever you want. You can create a specific theme or challenge for yourself, or not.

For next week:

1.    Create your WordPress journal blog, and send me a link to it on email. Create an about me page that has a brief personal bio and photo of yourself. Include things like your career goals, your hobbies, work experience, etc. Ask how many have used. Discuss this next.

2.    In your first post, answer the following questions: What social networks do you use most often? How or why do you use them? What do you find interesting or important about social media (e.g. why are you taking this class?)

3.    Choose a topic of focus for this class, or what journalists might call a “beat.” It is VERY IMPORTANT to choose wisely, so put some serious thought into this. Choose a subject you are interested in and passionate about, personally or professionally. This could be anything from bowling to city/county school consolidation to local bakeries to the Memphis hip hop scene to the aviation industry to a particular company, industry or cause you are interested in promoting and/or understanding. Consider your post-graduation goals, but be sure you genuinely care about the subject. It will be critical for you to narrow your topic as much as possible. Anybody can “use Twitter” or “use Facebook” – it is technologically very easy to do. The trick is to use it productively when you have a specific professional goal. One of your goals will be to develop your ability to create interesting and informative content around a particular subject. But a bigger goal will be your ability to cultivate a community around this topic, to listen to what others have to say and engage your audience.

4.    Write up a short description of this topic of focus or beat on your journal blog. Be as clear and specific as possible.

5.    Do the readings for next week and post reflections on your journal blog. You should do this every week.

6.    Start photo of the day project

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